Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Johnson's Coup Declared Illegal

Well colour me distinctly unsurprised, but Scotland's highest court, the Court of Sessions, has found that our alleged Prime Minister's prorogation was unlawful and "motivated by the improper purpose of stymying parliament"

Follow this link to both sign Another Europe is Possible's petition and to ask your MP to return to parliament now to hold this tinpot dictator to account.

Wordless Wednesday: Untitled Film Still #54

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

The Language of Boris Johnson

I feel compelled to write this post about the language our alleged Prime Minister Boris Johnson uses to deride his male rivals speak volumes. 

Whilst the term 'surrender bill' has rightly been condemned, I'm sorry to see that some of his other choices have been overlooked. In the last week alone Johnson has chosen to call the leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, a 'big girl's blouse' in the Commons, whilst a leaked, handwritten note referred to former PM David Cameron as a 'girly swot'.

What does this language tell us? Well, it tells us exactly how little respect the twice-married, serial adulterer has for women. For these terms reveal to us that Johnson believes women are pretty poor and inferior beings. Worse, he believes that the patriarchal society he helps to prop up believes this to be the case too. 

Can the 32 million women who make up half of the UK's population prove him wrong by voting anyone but Conservative come the next election? I hope so. This sexist, overgrown schoolboy bully needs to learn a lesson. He needs to learn that words have repercussions. 

This is What a Hypocrite Looks Like

I mean, if you weren't convince that this perpetrator of austerity (which has been proven to impact upon women hardest of all) wasn't actually a feminist at all then her decision to award Geoffrey Boycott, a man with a conviction for punching a partner twenty-two times, a knighthood ought to remove you of any doubt that actually Theresa May is what a hypocrite looks like. 

That she followed up one of her last acts as PM, the introduction of a domestic abuse bill (a last ditch attempt to secure some kind of legacy) with an act of disgusting cronyism that affords a wifebeater a knighthood, along with her former advisors and staff Robbie Gibb, Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy, is utterly sickening and says all that we need to know about this Tory government. 

As for Boycott himself, well his words say it all really. On Radio 4's Today programme Martha Kearney began "The Chief Executive of Women's Aid has said -" to which he interrupted with "I don't give a toss about her, luv. It was 25 years ago" It's also worth remembering that Boycott once remarked that he would have to "black up" to receive a knighthood, arguing that they were handed out to West Indian cricketers "like confetti".  That is most emphatically not what a sporting hero looks like and it certainly shouldn't be what a knight of the realm (if we have to have them) looks like either.

Monday, 9 September 2019

Out On Blue Six: Justin Hayward

*Firstly apologies for the radio silence on this blog for the last week. I spent most of it planning for or standing in city centres waving placards around. All to preserve democracy you understand.

You hear a lot of stupid things on the TV news lately, but one that really got up my nose last week was when one of the presenters said something along the lines of "I love this time of year, autumn"

No, no, no, NO! 

This is not autumn!

Autumn - this week apparently.

Autumn doesn't start the first week of September, it starts at the end of the month. What next? If we have a sunny day this week, will the proclaim it an Indian summer?! Of course, the conspiracy theorist in me can't help but think that this kind of comment, along with them now starting the football season in the middle of August is all some plan to condition us into thinking that summer ends much earlier, so they don't have to acknowledge the impact climate change has upon our seasons and weather. Pretty soon the summer months will be classified as May (when we seem to experience some of our hottest weather these days) to July, whilst autumn will commence sometime in mid August and last until October 1st when they'll announce that winter is upon us and shan't give up its icy grip until March. Spring will be approximately last for a fortnight in April. There, that'll keep the climate change deniers and governments of the world happy won't it?

But I guess the truth is that presenters of live TV often say stupid things just to fill the time. For that person, here's a suitable track... 

End Transmission