Monday, 12 August 2019

Out On Blue Six: Martha

For some time now I've been revisiting my 1990s adolescence by watching repeats of 'Classic' Coronation Street weekdays on ITV3. We're currently in 1993, Raquel's working at the Rovers under Bet's wing and Curly's just bought Number 7 off Rita. We're some way off them getting together in their sweet but ultimately doomed and short-lived marriage, but we have already seen their first, brief relationship from 1991.

Why am I talking about long-ago Corrie in an Out On Blue Six music post? Well, it's all because of the band Martha actually. In 2016, the County Durham based band released their second album, Blisters in the Pit of My Heart, which contained an ode to Corrie's sweet odd couple, appropriately entitled Curly & Raquel

"It is in essence a song that's about love, but also being a weirdo, and we kind of looked at Coronation Street and pop culture in general because as we grow up that's how we develop our conceptions of love. Coronation Street can be the most mundane, everyday shit and that's sometimes really easy to relate to, especially with Curly and Raquel because Curly was always a bit of a nerd and we really relate to that"

And I can definitely relate to the band's words there. During their 2015 tour, Martha told the story of Curly & Raquel in this comic strip poster from artist Jack Fallows. I think it's really reminiscent of Daniel Clowes' Ghost World, which is also suitably apt considering the nerd/weirdo vibe

I wonder if Sarah Lancashire and Kevin Kennedy know of this song, especially Kennedy - the man who famously almost joined The Smiths before taking to the cobbles.

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