Friday, 21 June 2019


Mark Field - what a cunt.

The sheer hypocrisy of these people. It's a violent crime to throw a milkshake at inciters of hate like Nigel Farage and 'Tommy Robinson' but it's perfectly acceptable to assault a woman from Greenpeace who has interrupted your nosh to campaign about the very real concern of climate change. More, these 'respectable' politicians are the type who stand there spouting reverential platitudes about the suffragettes, their bravery and their actions of a hundred years ago, yet when faced with a politically outspoken woman in a sash their immediate course of action is to attack them. 

And shame on them for trying to use the murder of Jo Cox as justification for such an abhorrent act.

It's right that Mark Field is suspended. But it is more right that he should be sacked, removed from politics and charged with assault.

And people genuinely wonder why the Tories are called the nasty party!


  1. What more do the police need to feel his collar? This footage gives it to them on a plate.

    1. I believe the lady doesn't want to press charges but I really think some legal intervention should take place regardless. People in office especially cannot be allowed to behave like this.

  2. "Macho" Mark Field showing what a hard man he is. Sums up these Tory types to a T.

    1. I just cannot get over people actually defending him?!

      What a world we now live in. Their mothers must be so proud.

      Please sign this petition to give him the boot people: