Thursday, 10 January 2019

Silly Rachel Riley's Own Goal

Recently Rachel Riley, best known for picking vowels and consonants and adding numbers up in various skimpy dresses on Countdown (yeah, it's still going!), decided that she should be the one to stamp out antisemitism in the UK - or more particularly, the perceived antisemitism in the left of politics.

Taking to twitter she has smeared everyone from Jeremy Corbyn, Ken Loach and - most bizarrely of all - Noam Chomsky, as being promoters of antisemisitm. 

This stance last night afforded her the ultimate accolade of being interviewed about her position by Channel 4 News anchor and Riley colleague (and "swinging dick", according to Lucy Porter on yesterday's Richard Herring podcast) Krishnan Guru-Murthy. It should have gone swimmingly - expect Riley fell at the first hurdle.

When asked by Guru-Murthy what her Jewish identity was, Riley - this staunch fighter of A/S remember - replied; "You wouldn't know, I don't look like a typical Jew, or anything like that" (you can see it here) before conflating Jewish people with Israel.

Oh dear. I'm sorry Rachel but that really is not Numberwang. In fact that is, by IHRA definition, A/S of itself.

The great Michael Rosen, a voice of sanity in the open sewer that is the A/S debate (or, to give it it's proper term, the establishment and trendy wendies stick-the-boot-into-the-left moan) on social media, was quick to point out Riley's error, demanding to know what facial or body characteristics a 'typical Jew' may possess. I doubt she will respond.

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