Saturday, 3 November 2018

Out On Blue Six: The Human League

This week's BBC4 repeat of 1986 Top of the Pops informed us that The Human League were back after a two year break. That long, really? Well I guess with BBC4 going through two years of TOTP each year it seems considerably less. The Human League returned of course with a classy single that was set to become a shopping centre favourite*, Human.

*I've seriously lost track of the amount of times I have subsequently heard Human being piped around shopping centres I've been milling about in over the years. It was especially popular it seemed in St Helens Hardshaw Centre in the late 90s and early 00s. I guess before that it went down extremely well as the last dance in clubs that had singles nights. Seems tailor made for them really.

As you can see from the above single cover, The Human League had not only returned (minus their 'The', which was always quite errant I guess) they had also embraced the mid '80s fashion scene. No longer the quirky innovators they were part of the crowd and the accompanying music video suggested that you really didn't want to put a naked flame anywhere near the trio for fear of them combusting from all that hair lacquer. Still, I possess all the feels for this song and vid... 

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