Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Why Is No One Talking About The Islamophobia Problem Within The Tory Party?

The mainstream media continue to rattle on about the anti-semitism issue at the heart of the Labour party (despite statistics showing that anti-semitism has actually reduced within the party since Jeremy Corbyn became the leader) but why is no one talking about the anti-Islam issue within the Conservative party?

Boris Johnson has stepped into the spotlight to show this is a very real problem with his offensive remarks about women wearing burkas looking 'ridiculous' and like 'letterboxes' and 'bank robbers' - comments he refuses to apologise for. That these comments come along just a week after he'd met with the bigoted fake news merchant Steve 'wear your racism as a badge of honour' Bannon is even more unnerving.

Tory MP Baroness Warsi has been trying to highlight this disgusting bigotry within her own party for some time, as has the Muslim Council of Britain, but these concerns are not getting the traction it demands within the media - why? Perhaps because it doesn't do the Labour party a disservice.

Surely an impartial, balanced news media should be asking why there appears to be such problems within both parties?

I imagine Boris Johnson's comments will be forgotten about by the media in a couple of days, but the Labour (non) story will trundle on forever more.

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