Monday, 11 June 2018

The Mercy (2017)

Faced with the task of reviewing The Mercy for The Geek Show, I was tempted to just pretend I’d watched it and then posted a review  on here that was so wildly falsified that my inactivity would become apparent to all before leaving the review incomplete…

I feel it is what Donald Crowhurst would have wanted.

Thankfully, I didn't: I watched it all and I really enjoyed it.

See my full review at The Geek Show


  1. My opinion of this film pretty much tallies with your own - one extra thing I appreciated was that here was a film which opened with the dreaded phrase "Based on a true story"....and for once, it really was! No invented characters or fictional contrivances for dramatic lays out the story as it really happened. Although the true story is such a bizarre one that no fiddling about is really needed.

    1. Thanks, and apologies for the late publishing of your kind comment and my reply. For some reason blogger has stopped notifying me of new comments and has taken each one as it appears into a sort of limbo?