Friday, 1 June 2018

Out On Blue Six: Tracey Ullman

Today's Out On Blue Six is Tracey Ullman's 1983 cover of Move Over Darling...

While we're here, can we address the fact that Tracey Ullman has become a thing again on British TV? 

She buggered off to America in the '80s where, we're told, she did very well for herself indeed. But in the past couple of years she's back here and a new series of her satirical sketch show, Tracey Breaks The News, starts tonight despite no one I know ever watching it, or much attention anywhere. I thought the BBC recommissioned series based on ratings and popularity?

In fact, the only attention it does seem to get in the twittersphere is criticism. Because, let's face it, her impressions are terrible. The current trailers have her kitted out as Jeremy Corbyn and Michael Gove. In each guise, she explains who she's supposed to be within the opening sentence (not exactly inspiring confidence is it? I mean, surely a top mimic doesn't need to do that?) before telling us to tune in to her show in a vocal delivery that sounds nothing like Messrs Corbyn and Gove. In fact, her Corbyn sounds more like Bill Oddie on 60 ciggies a day! 

I'm sorry, I am very sure Ullman is a lovely person, but we don't owe her a living.

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