Tuesday, 22 May 2018

The 1990s: Football and Music in Perfect Harmony

Dave broadcast a thoroughly enjoyable trip down memory lane last night. Entitled Football's 47 Best Worst Songs it was your standard list show fare; a host of largely non entity talking heads (one was called a 'social media celebrity', um, what?) mix with recognisable faces to offer up opinions in an enjoyable clips package of all those ill advised world cup and FA cup anthems from the last forty or so years. But just occasionally, we were reminded of the times when football and music came together in perfect harmony (more often than not these times involved Keith Allen) and I think the best time that happened was the 1990s. Just check out these crackers to see what I mean...


  1. I hate Baddiel and Skinner. I hated their Fantasy Football show and their rehabilitation by the BBC (and Sky) in the past few years. That 3 Lions song must be getting a bit stale by now - from 30 years of hurt to 52 years of hurt has gotta hut.

    I read today that Harry Kane has a dream of winning the World Cup, so the Engerlund squad could maybe revive Scotland's 1982 World Cup song "We Have a Dream" with suitable changes to the lyrics, of course.
    While Engerlund fans may jibe at this, they should remember that their (winning) team's 1966 anthem was "World Cup Willie", sung by a Scotsman - Lonnie Donegan.

    1. Speaking of Scotland, you've just reminded me I'm missing one; Del Amitri's Don't Come Home Too Soon...which is as much as any England fans can ask for these days.

      Another Scot, Frankie Boyle, summed it up the best when he said they should get the England players to write and sing any anthem


      As for Baddiel and Skinner, I get the hate. I liked Fantasy Football League and I always quite liked Skinner back in the 90s but Baddiel was always the weak link. He was rubbish as Rob Newman's partner and he was rubbish as Skinner's. He has never been and never will be funny.

      But I also really went off Skinner in the mid 00s. When he got really big for his boots left the beeb because they refused to pay him millions and played judge and jury over Matthew Kelly following the later unproved sexual abuse allegations. Saying 'he looks like a peado' is not comedy, and it should have been the end of Skinner's career. But yeah, the beeb have welcomed him back and rehabilitated him. It was irritating at first, but I have of late slowly warmed to him again - albeit mainly for his Absolute radio show on Saturday mornings.