Saturday, 19 May 2018

Out On Blue Six: Haircut 100

....Or you'll never believe what this song's about #4

Now, normally when I do this occasional sub-series of my Out On Blue Six posts, I can waffle on about the deeper meanings of each song. However I'm really at a loss here and only have something that Nick Heywood himself said on an old episode of Never Mind The Buzzcocks I was watching earlier this week, because apparently the song was about the Falklands War!

Quite why or how this fey little love ditty was about Thatcher's lust for glory I have no idea. I mean, it's not exactly obvious from the lyrics is it? The only bit that sounds remotely political is the opening line; "I, I went off to the right" Thatcher's right wing policies anyone? As for the rest, and what really was so fear inducing about that lake I have no idea. As you can see from the Buzzcocks clip I've linked to above, it doesn't seem like Heyward knows either!

End Transmission


  1. I remember it in Seven.

    Heyward's going out on the road soon, with Pugwash, of all people. We've got tix for the Sheffield date. Should be Good.

    1. Pugwash? Who'd have thunk it! Sounds good :)

      Last time I saw Hayward he was on Pointless Celebrities with Toyah and dressed like Matt Smith's Doctor Who. The man's been at the elixor of youth too by the look of him

  2. Kite is a shoe in for any Top 10 Singles list I have compiled, am compiling, will compile.

    Love Plus One can never be heard the same again when you've seen Seven.