Saturday, 5 May 2018

Modern Life Is Rubbish

Hitting the cinemas later this month is Daniel Gill's feature length debut Modern Life Is Rubbish. The film tells the story of Liam (Josh Whitehouse) and Natalie (Freya Mavor) and a relationship that was brought together by a shared love of music now at breaking point. 

If you plan on watching it at the big screen, do yourself a favour and check out Gill's original short film of the same name from 2009. Starring Rafe Spall and Rebecca Knight, it's a beautiful two hander that I personally related to a lot - certainly in Spall's contempt for digital downloads and 'Best Of' compilations. But whatever your views on those things, I think there's plenty for everyone to relate to across this 12 minute gem because We've all been where these characters are; on the precipice of a relationship break-up, ready to walk away and take that final step into the unknown, but pausing first to lay claim to the soundtrack to and chronicler of our love; music. I can still recall having to traipse back into Liverpool to awkwardly meet an ex ten years ago because I'd left Dare by the Human League behind. 

Watch it here...


  1. I've just watched it, and fell in love with it straight away.

  2. YES! I knew this would be up your street John. So glad you spotted this post and took the time to watch. Let's hope the full length film is just as good