Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Love You More (2008)

Over the weekend, I made the mistake of rewatching Sam Taylor-Johnson's young John Lennon biopic Nowhere Boy. I'd seen it just once before, where I found it to be no masterpiece, but even then I enjoyed it more than I did this revisit. 

To counteract this, I decided to rewatch and share this other music based short from Taylor-Johnson (nee Wood), Love You More. Written by Patrick 'Cornish Curmudgeon' Marber, this is a beautifully bittersweet, tender and sexy look at two teenagers coming together over their mutual appreciation of the Manchester band Buzzcocks in the summer of 1978. 

The sense of excitement and anticipation, of euphoria and timid uncertainty and ultimately the enthusiastic naivety that comes with the stirrings of first love is gloriously captured by Taylor-Johnson, most notably in the scene in which the two teens played by Andrea Riseborough (looking not unlike one of my exes) and Harry Treadaway sit in the bedroom listing to the eponymous Buzzcocks track. The moment which really chimed with me was the close up of the hairs on Riseborough's standing to attention and Treadaway's subsequent panicked, dry mouthed beer swigging response. It's so real and yet at the same time feels so original for it to be captured in such an arresting, artistic manner.  As with a lot of artistic director's works, it's the little details that speak volumes - and Taylor-Johnson's film is full of beautiful little details.

A perfectly crafted short with excellent timing, strong direction and performances, I am willing to bet money that this is more sexier to me than the director's best known offering, Fifty Shades of Grey. It's certainly better musically than Nowhere Boy.

Warning; this is really quite steamy...


  1. After your last steer - Modern Life is Rubbish - I shall set aside time to watch this in the next day or two. I'll feed back.

  2. I think that should be "teenagers" given the apparent age of the two actors ;)

    1. Yes! Riseborough was 27 here and Treadaway 24...mind you, I don't suppose you could employ teens to get up to what they did on a film set! ;)