Friday, 4 May 2018

Every Loser Wins: The Fake News Around The Election

The BBC today have widely announced that Labour had a 'disappointing' local election yesterday. Their 1 o'clock news bulletin, read by Kate Silverton, reported that Labour didn't win any of their target seats...which is strange, considering that my local news bulletin which immediately followed Silverton's rundown, announced that Labour did indeed take Trafford - a key seat that was on a knife edge here in the North West. Labour securing Trafford means that the whole of Greater Manchester is now Labour run. Labour even gained Plymouth too; another key seat. So why have the BBC's national news been making out that Labour - and particularly Jeremy Corbyn - lost yesterday?

In fact, Labour have seen their councillors increase by 3%. That's a net gain of 55 councillors compared to the Tories net gain of just one seat. The truth is this was a very poor turn out for the Tories, comparable to 2014's election which saw the Torygraph demand that the then PM, David Cameron, assuage the voters rage. Once again, the MSM have given Theresa May's noxious austerity-driven, racist government a free pass. If this government were a person, it would be on life support and everyone would be trying to make out it was fit and healthy, despite the obvious truth staring you in the face. In fact, when it comes to the Tories and the MSM trying to kid us everything is OK, I'm reminded of this classic scene

I'm not saying this was an incredible victory for Labour, after all even Jeremy Corbyn called some of the results 'disappointing'. Much is being made here in the north about Pendle, a skin of the teeth triumph for the Tories that sees them take control of a council that has, for almost 40 years, been Labour run. But the councillor the Tories put up here has previously been suspended from the party for racism, so you really have to ask yourself what kind of party allows such a person to remain in their ranks. I've heard this make the news on local TV, but it hasn't seemed to reach down to London for the national broadcasts, who prefer to spin the Blairite lie that the only racism in politics is the alleged anti-Semitism problem within the Labour party. A scandal that has been manipulated and fueled by those 'Red Tory' MP's who wish to overthrow Corbyn.

 Whatever you do today, please do not take the MSM's reportage at face value because they're only telling you what the government want you to hear. Theresa May can say Labour have lost until she's blue in the face (which would be quite nice for her I'm sure) but the fact is Labour performed incredibly well. They manage to achieve what they have achieved in the face of a complete collapse of the UKIP vote - a vote which was widely predicted as being taken up by the Tories. These 100 net losses for UKIP has not transferred over to the Tories, they helped boost Labour and even the Lib Dems. 

But let's not be too hard on May's chief propagandists at Auntie Beeb. They're not placing it front and centre in their reports, but their digest of these results have shown an interesting projection if this were a general election


  1. To the surprise of absolutely no one who knows me, I’ve avoided the media coverage of these elections completely, but the stuff I’ve read online all broadly speaking seems to boil down to "Eh, we’ll call it a draw." Which, perhaps not coincidentally, is basically what that projection shows.

    Of course, I’m assuming it takes no account of any potential changes in the areas that didn’t elect councillors last night - i.e. about half of England, as well as all of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Whatever happens in Scotland could potentially have an effect on these numbers, given that most of the polling done since the general election indicates that, in a fresh election, Labour would lose most of the seats they gained from the SNP… though, at the same time, the Tories would also lose roughly the same number, which would be net gains for any theoretical "left coalition" (whereas Labour > SNP/Plaid or SNP/Plaid > Labour transfers effectively amount to “no change” if looked at from a “which grouping can form a workable majority?” POV).

    1. Online reaction is a little closer to the truth, unlike the 'our beloved leader is once again supremely victorious' line that the BBC are spinning.

      I mean, by the beeb's reckoning if the Tories can lose 3 seats and yet still be called a winner in the face of Labour's 55 or so councillors, then surely the real winner here is UKIP who lost well over 100.

      The fact that they're pushing this anti-Semitism story when there's real racism plaguing the windrush generation just shows how spineless the MSM are. Small wonder they still keep saying 'beware social media news outlets' They hate the fact that people are seeking the truth for themselves

    2. It’s the “expectations game”, and it’s a tremendously cynical way of reporting IMO. In my book, a win is a win. It’s like (dead horse flogging incoming) the SNP winning 35 seats in the last GE. That’s well over half the Scottish seats, and, extrapolated to cover the whole of the UK, would have been the equivalent of Theresa May getting a whopping 384/650. But instead of simply reporting it as a majority of seats, it was instead compared negatively to the crazy 56 seats they’d won two years earlier, while the Scottish Tories, who came a very distant second, were trumpeted from the rafters by the media as having “won” the election in Scotland.

    3. Dead horse or not, I completely agree. It was disgusting how the MSM reported the SNP's results at the GE. I mean, if they were using a 'well they performed x this time, but here's how they performed x years ago' line as standard, then why not do that today when they could point out how the Tory result is comparable to the 2014 one which saw people demanding Cameron's head? They don't, because they are extremely hypocritically selective