Monday, 30 April 2018

Meet The Old Boss, Same As The New Boss

So Amber Rudd has finally gone after 'inadvertently misleading' to parliament (that's lying to you and me) and Sajid Javid is her replacement as Home Secretary.

Smug Karl Pilkington roundhead-alike Javid claims he will be a break from the past. But how can you really be a break from the past when your voting record shows you have consistently voted in favour of this disgusting hostile environment agenda? And is a man who called Jewish Labour activist Jon Lansman a 'neo fascist' in the House really the right man for issues relating to immigration?

Javid's move to the post of Home Secretary is a blindingly obvious one from the Tories. Horrified that their inherent racism has come to the fore, they've promoted their pet 'brown face' in an attempt to prove they are anything but racist.

Javid may bang on about how horrified he was by the hostile environment and the terminology itself, and how he felt that, as the son of immigrants, it could have been his own family being asked to leave the country they have contributed so much to, but it's all just lip service and empty platitudes. 

Nothing will change for anyone until the architect of this disgusting intolerable policy, the former Home Secretary Theresa May, is ousted from Number 10 and her whole rancid party is forced into opposition. 

This Thursday (3rd May) is the day of local elections across the country. Please vote for Labour and deal a devastating blow to the Tory government that tells them their days are numbered.

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