Sunday, 15 April 2018

Jess Phillips Uses Anti-Semitism As a Means to Stab Corbyn In the Front

Jess Phillips, the Blairite Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley who once vowed she'd stab Corbyn in the front not the back, has been at it again. Taking to Twitter, she deliberately misconstrued the argument Ken Loach made at a Bristol rally for de-selecting MP's who routinely disagree with their leader as an example of Loach being anti-Semitic. 

On the 11th April, Jess tweeted; "Dear Ken, this month I've helped 30+ people have disability benefit reinstated because I have a specialist surgery to help tribunals. I save Daniel Blake's, but yeah because I hate racism I'm the problem. Get rid of me if you want, like some entitled dude who makes demands"

Here's the truth though;

1. Loach wasn't saying that protesting anti-Semitism was wrong. He was saying that using it to attack a leader you have never agreed with is wrong. But this was not adequately reported by the right wing press. Loach subsequently took to Twitter to clarify his position; "re-selecting an MP should not be based on individual incidents but reflect the MP's principles, actions and behaviour over a long period. Being an MP is not a job for life. Candidates should be selected for every election and party members should be able to make a democratic choice"   

2. Loach is being unfairly labelled an anti-Semite when again, like so many this argument is pointing towards, he is actually anti-Israel. I find it laughable that the row surrounding Perdition, the Jim Allen play he was meant to be directing for the Royal Court back in the 80s, has reared its ugly head again. Again, to be anti-Israel does not mean you are anti-Semitic.

3. If politicians like Jess actually got behind their leader perhaps they wouldn't now be having to save these 30+ Daniel Blakes in the first place. If you want the Tories out and the chance to create a better society, stop the in-fighting.

4. Jess Phillips voted for the Tory Welfare Bill that has created these Daniel Blakes in the first place.

5. The protest itself was in breach of party rules and was organised by the opposition ie the Tories. It's worth mentioning though that Corbyn graciously conceded the members right to protest as he rightfully acknowledged anti-Semitism to be abhorrent. 

6. Using this row to score points against the leader devalues the issue, presumes that Corbyn himself is racist or anti-Semitic (when even the protest acknowledged that wasn't the case), and is simply a Trojan horse to try and topple him from power. I'd have more respect for you if I suspected you really did give a toss about racism. Equally, I notice that she couldn't resist the dig about Loach being 'some entitled dude'; Phillips devaluing the gender issue there too. Men who disagree with you aren't chauvinist examples of the patriarchy. They're just people with a different opinion to your own.

7. Jess has taken to twitter to essentially say she's done her job! A true Blairite there, spinning to make herself sound as if she's going the extra mile when she's simply doing what she's paid to do - to serve her constituency. Now, of only she'd do the other stuff she's paid to do, like support the leader and fight for greater equality all round.

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