Monday, 16 April 2018

Esther McVey - Heartless Twunt.

The odious Esther McVey proved once again what a heartless sociopath she is today appearing before Scottish parliament.

She showed how immune she is to the human effects of the Tory's brutal welfare cuts and claimed that the notorious rape clause was a good thing because it helped women to open up about their ordeal.

Take a look here and here. Is it any wonder that the public gallery became so incensed by the noxious shit she was spouting that it had to be cleared twice by officials? 

How this woman was ever allowed back into parliament is beyond me. Oh no wait, they parachuted into her into Tatton, an extremely safe Tory seat vacated by George 'Pencils' Osborne. Good luck trying to get this heartless twunt out now.


  1. And Theresa May's racist immigration policy has caused the Windrush generation no end of grief. Amber Rudd has decided that maybe it was a bad thing and is blaming the Home Office. This is what happens when politicians cater solely for Daily Mail readers.

    1. Absolutely. Tory policy now is to appeal to the Daily Fail mob and Donald Trump. No one else matters.