Sunday, 4 March 2018

Out On Blue Six: Jimmy Nail

I've always liked Jimmy Nail, both as an actor and as a singer. The latter might not be fashionable to say in some circles but I don't really adhere to guilty pleasures; I like what I like. I even saw him live a couple of times too, a very entertaining performer with a strong voice. 

His 1985 cover of Rose Royce's classic Love Don't Live Here Anymore was the first display of his sensitive singing side after his breakout performance as Oz in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet and it has currently resurfaced on BBC4's Top of the Pops repeats this last week. It made me head on over to YouTube to check out the video....

Look at that eh? Queen's Roger Taylor on drums, Status Quo's Rick Parfitt on lead guitar, Michael Elphick propping up the bar, Peter Wight serving behind it, and Nail on both vocal and cabbying duties.

Nail didn't trouble the charts again until 1992 with the excellent number one hit single Ain't No Doubt. His subsequent album, Growing Up In Public, boasted support from George Harrison, David Gilmour, Sam Brown, Guy Pratt and Gary Moore. A couple of years later he followed it up with a bestselling album featuring songs from his drama series Crocodile Shoes, many of which were chart hits.

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