Thursday, 29 March 2018

Out On Blue Six: The Blow Monkeys

....Or you'll never believe what this song's about #2

This is another good song whose meaning often goes unnoticed. Written by lead singer Dr. Robert, the song discusses its protagonist's anxieties and tragic self disgust at being a gay man during the HIV and AIDS crisis of the 1980s. The constant refrain of "Tell me why is it I'm digging your scene?" is the most soulful, poppy way of storytelling someone clearly challenging his own orientation, whilst the follow up line "I know I'll die, baby" is deeply fatalistic, but again the music almost belies it. The rest of the song acknowledges lingering death bed scenes in hostels ("They put you in a home to fill in, But I would not call that living" and "So sad to see you fade away") the homophobia and 'Christian' reaction to the growing epidemic ("It'll get you in the end,
It's God's Revenge"), hiding your sexuality or your ill health from both yourself and others ("Oh I know I should come clean, But I prefer to deceive") and the identity crisis the protagonist has regarding his sexuality in the wake of seeing his friends die and realising he may be next ("I know it's wrong, I KNOW it's wrong" and "I'd like to think I was just MYSELF again")

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