Monday, 26 March 2018

It's Corbyn Bashing Season - Must Be An Election On The Horizon

In recent weeks we've seen Jeremy Corbyn denounced as an agent for a Czech spy in the 1980s, and we've seen his stance of advising caution in the wake of the Skripal poisoning attacked, with the BBC depicting him as a Soviet stooge on Newsnight with a conveniently distorted hat and a red hue to his image against the background of the Kremlin. Just this weekend alone we've seen Owen Smith whinge about being sacked from the cabinet because of his views on the EU do not correspond with the leadership, and now we've got the old cries of anti-Semitism ringing out again. Why, anyone would think there's an election on the horizon. Oh there is!

Let's take these attacks individually shall we? The first, the Czech spy scandal held no weight whatsoever, and resulted in the odious Pub Landlord lookalike Tory MP Ben Bradley being forced to publically apologise and cough up for a slanderous tweet defaming Corbyn when he swallowed the rumour hook, like and sinker.

No matter how much they spin it, the oh so impartial BBC did mock up a graphic to make Corbyn look rather Soviet in an edition of Newsnight. OK, they used the same backdrop for Tory MP Gavin Williamson (he of the intelligent 'Russia should go away and shut up' comment) but, as Channel 4 News' FactCheck points out, unlike with Corbyn, they didn't shade Williamson's image in a deep red and the hat was distorted and made to look taller thanks to the curved screen.

Now onto Owen Smith. This Blairite is happy to spin the lie that Labour's stance on Brexit is as clear as mud when in reality it is absolutely crystal clear. Jeremy Corbyn has adopted a compromise position, one which respects the EU vote but remains adamant that the final deal must pass Keir Starmer's six tests. Put simply, if the Tories negotiation proves disastrous (as it almost certainly will) Labour will oppose it.

Let's not forget that Labour sought to defeat the hard right Brexit-mongers who wanted to rip up workers rights, food standards and consumer protection by adding amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill. They were left with no option but to vote against said Bill because the Tories refused to comply with these amendments. Weirdly, this vote has seen them dismissed by many in the press as colluding with the Tory government?!

Smith refused to agree with Starmer's six tests and official Labour policy and wanted to push his own bespoke Brexit policy. Why? Did he do this because he genuinely wants a second EU referendum as he claims or has he broke ranks to create as much confusion, furore and mud slinging as possible? My guess is the latter. And it's funny how we now live in a world where a strong leadership display from Corbyn is criticised whilst Theresa May's outright refusal to keep order amongst her own ministers, including Boris Johnson's outright dangerous lies, is somehow seen as exemplary.  

Much like Smith's disastrous, laughable and lamentable leadership challenge, his bid to put a spoke in the wheel of his own party clearly hasn't worked as well as he and his fellow plotters had hoped. Which is why we are now seeing the anti-Semitic stuff rearing its ugly head again, with John Mann (of course) making ominous and damaging statements from within the party that Labour is set to be destroyed over this issue. 

It's worth noting that this time around the anti-Semitic slur isn't being laid at Corbyn's door. This is because they cannot make this mud stick against him personally. It's very hard to call someone a racist when they have a long history of fighting racism, when they hold the Sean MacBride Peace Award, and when, as Benjamin Zephaniah pointed out on Question Time the last time this was in the news, Corbyn shared a police cell with him once for standing up to the racist Apartheid!

So no, this time around they're claiming that the Labour Party is riddled with an ingrained culture of anti-Semitism, and that Corbyn's crime is to not act quickly enough to stamp it out and to allow these people to get too close to him. Inevitably, many of these critics are pointing to Momentum arguing that the predominantly young, left wing intake that grass roots movement has brought about are pro-Palestine - views that Corbyn himself shares and has never made secret of. And this is the rub for me; to be pro-Palestine, to be anti-Israel, does not mean in any way that you hate the Jewish people. It is not anti-Semetic to disagree with Israel politics. 

All this is to try and dissuade voters from supporting Labour in May because the establishment are running scared of further gains for Corbyn's party.

Once again, don't believe the lies and smears of the Tories, the Blairites and their propaganda arm within the MSM. Dig deeper, question what you're told and make your own mind up.

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