Friday, 23 March 2018

Boris Johnson Is An Outright Liar

The idiotic and dangerous Boris Johnson is playing the Skripal affair for everything he can get. His weird Churchillian fantasies are coming to the fore; likening the Russian hosts of the World Cup to the Nazi Olympics (and conveniently forgetting that the Nazis wouldn't have been defeated without Russia's brave soldiers) and posing in vintage war rooms. But worst of all, he's lying through his bloody teeth, leaning heavily on experts in a way not seen since Blair's sexed up Iraqi WMD dossier.

Here's what Boris Johnson said to Deutsche Welle in an interview yesterday;

"They (Porton Down) were absolutely categorical. I asked the guy myself, I said 'Are you sure?' (that the Skripal's have been poisoned by the Russian nerve agent Novichok) and he said there's no doubt" 

Let those words sink in for a moment. 'Categorical'. 'Sure'. 'No doubt'.

No compare them to what was said by evidence submitted by the government at the High Court yesterday (the same day Boris ran his mouth off saying how sure this was the Russians) from Porton Down.

"Blood samples were analysed and the findings indicated exposure to a nerve agent or related compound. The samples tested positive for the presence of a Novichok class nerve agent or closely related agent."

That evidence proves that Porton Down, by their own words, are not 'sure'. That they are not in 'no doubt' and that their findings are not 'categorical' as Boris Johnson claims. So he is lying. He is dangerous. He is the real traitor to the British country he represents and claims he loves dearly. It sickens me that ordinary people who are advising caution are being painted as treasonous and not patriotic. But this proves Russia should not be considered an enemy. There is no clear answer as to who was responsible as yet. It is dangerous to claim otherwise.

Please do not believe the hype of the government propaganda machine of the MSM; the Murdoch newspapers and the BBC. Look beyond the hysteria and jingoistic hyperbole for the facts. Read Craig Murray's blog and share widely. Because make no mistake we are being lied to. We are being set up to fail.


  1. Yep, Boris can be a cunt and Putin an assassin. That kind of thing can occurred at the same time.

    1. It can yes, but what does NOT help is the British govt being 'a cunt' with no proof whatsoever that Russia is responsible! *sighs*

  2. What we have here quitus is outright PROOF that Boris Johnson is a liar, and no PROOF WHATSOEVER that Putin is responsible.

  3. And finally today Porton Down have come out and announced that they cannot be sure that Novichok was responsible for the Salisbury poisonings. Completely in contrast to what Boris Johnson claimed they had personally told him in his moment of grandstanding. When will this prize pillock resign? Probably about the same time the oh so impartial BBC report on what Porton Down have said. Today, they were too busy trying to suggest Corbyn is an anti-semite for attending a Jewish festival, because these are, in the eyes of Blairite John Woodcock, the wrong kind of jew. Claiming there are good jews and bad jews is about as anti-semitic as you can be!