Saturday, 24 February 2018

Smack the Pony: I'm Really Interesting

For the past month or so I've been loving the fact that Gold's After Dark segment on Friday nights have been repeating a double bill of Smack the Pony, Channel 4's brilliant (mostly) all female sketch show from the turn of the millennium. It takes me right back to those Friday nights when it first aired and my crush on...well all three girls, but especially Sally Phillips! It still stands up really well and I do feel it's one of the most undervalued sketch shows of British TV. The song spoofs that concluded every episode were often criticised even back in the day, but when they worked - such as this skit on Shania Twain's hit That Don't Impress Me Much that Gold repeated tonight - they really did fly. 

Look out for Sally's bum flash/wiggle...


  1. A great show. The spoof songs are fab and most of their material hasn't aged. My favourite sketch of theirs is "People Who Don't Swear"

    1. 'No no no you naughty knife!'

      Yeah I love that one - and Fiona doing a cute Scottish accent over it, seemingly for no reason!

  2. Big Train was another favourite from the period. It was a good time for sketch comedy.

  3. Yes! I love Big Train especially the first series, which was like nothing else around. Big Train is actually on just after Smack the Pony Friday nights on Gold, but I seldom stick around for it as I have both series on DVD already. It's bizarre to think that Smack the Pony has never been released! Just one best of compilation.