Monday, 19 February 2018

Sacred Cow: Frances McDormand

Might be something of a sacred cow to attack this, but Frances McDormand irritated the hell out of me at Bafta last night.

Now ordinarily, up there on the big screen, I think McDormand is a great talent. But take a look at this video and cringe...

I sincerely hope that her performance in Three Billboards is better than the embarrassing ham she's displaying as she strides up to the podium to accept her award! You really don't need to 'perform' at BAFTA, this isn't the Oscars and here in the UK we can see through that crap at a thousand yards. 

She really irritated me all the way through the night actually; sitting there like everyone's most fearful 'wacky' maiden aunt at a wedding, taking all the praise as if 'of course it's due' and then coming out to say 'I don't do compliance' in relation to her not wearing black for the Time's Up movement. To me that just read as 'I can't be arsed because though I'm gonna say I stand in solidarity with you, I'm actually all about standing out and at the front'

Yeah. Sally should have won.

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