Saturday, 10 February 2018

RIP Reg E. Cathey

Reg E. Cathey, who played political agent Norman Wilson in The Wire, has died from lung cancer at the age of 59.

Born to an US Army Colonel father and a DOD Worker mother, Cathay mainly grew up in West Germany before returning to the USA as a teenager. He caught the acting bug following a high school production of To Kill a Mockingbird. He had previously appeared in two other prestigious David Simon TV dramas - Homicide: Life on the Street and The Corner - before taking the role of congressman Tommy Carcetti's savvy advisor in the fourth and fifth season of The Wire. In a career that stretched back to the early '80s and a role on children's TV series Square One, Cathay appeared in numerous TV programmes included Star Trek: The Next Generation, Law and Order and its numerous spin offs, ER, Oz and, most recently a three-time Emmy award nominated turn in House of Cards, for which he won the coveted prize in 2015. His film appearances included Born on the Fourth of July, Clear and Present Danger, The Mask, Tank Girl, Se7enAmerican Psycho, The Machinist and Fantastic Four.

One of my favourite pieces of trivia about Cathey was that, despite such an incredible career in Hollywood, he had long expressed an interest in appearing in the RTE Ireland soap opera Fair City! In 2009, he was starring in a production of The Shawshank Redemption at Dublin's Gaiety Theatre when he became hooked on the soap and the city itself.


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