Monday, 19 February 2018

Do The Tories Think We Have Short Memories, Or Do They Just Think We're Stupid?

Theresa May took to the comfy sofa of Philip and Holly's This Morning today (and people say she's afraid of tough interviewers?) to express her concern at student tuition fees and to assure us that her government will do something about it. What they plan to do is look into it for a year. Hmm... 

But what really irks me about this whole thing is that Theresa May clearly thinks we either have very short memories or we are completely stupid. She's counting on us forgetting that one of her first acts as PM was to abolish the maintenance grants for the poorest of students. She's hoping we're stupid enough not to realise that in 2009 she voted in favour of the of tripling tuition fees to the £9,000 per annum figure she now expresses concern over, along with her vote to approve the rip off inflation measure of +3% on any subsequent debt incurred. 

Don't be fooled. This Tory 12 month review into tuition fees is nothing but a sop in the face of the forthcoming local elections and an attempt to try and wrestle a popular manifesto pledge from Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party.

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