Saturday, 27 January 2018

Wanker of the Week: David Walliams

It's been a week of stiff competition really. Phil Neville who - despite having zero managerial experience -  has somehow been given the top job with England Ladies, could easily have walked away with this dubious honour after misogynistic tweets came to light in which he joked about feeling better after he 'battered the wife' and suggested a woman's place was in the home, tidying up. I await results of his coaching with great interest.

But no, the absolute wanker of the week has to be David Walliams. The odious 'comedian' has had quite a week: from the highs of winning an NTA, to the lows of being embroiled in the Presidents Club scandal.

His defence that he was at the event as a host, that he left as soon as his duties were concluded at 11:30pm and that he saw nothing of the allegations that have subsequently broke, is very poor indeed and I for one am not buying it. You were hired to host an evening's entertainment which was men only and whose atmosphere was blatantly misogynistic and unsavoury. You would have to have been blind and deaf not to notice that. Given that Walliams likes to pride himself on having an eye for the ladies, I'm sure that the young girls forced to wear skimpy outfits as they performed their waiting on duties would not have gone unnoticed by him either - especially as they were there long before this 11:30 departure he's at pains to point out. If that was the case and he had eyes in his head, then surely he would see the groping they were subjected to (or did the businessmen and politicians attending the event resist their lascivious urges until this 11:30 cut off point? I doubt it!), and if he head ears too, then surely he would have heard his co-host proclaim how plastic surgery, one of the prizes on offer for the highest bidder, could 'spice up your wife' Walliams would like us to believe that he didn't observe or comprehend any of this, that he was naive to take part. But he's banking on his fans and the general public to be even more naive to accept this bullshit. Just like everyone involved in this scandal, he must pay the price.

The reaction to his involvement is only really starting to take shape. For Walliams himself, he is carrying on as normal after his mealy mouthed public statement on Twitter. However with the news that some bookshops have removed his successful children's titles from their shelves, I hope that his career takes a significant blow which he may not recover from because he no longer has the right to inform the minds of our next generation. As the folk singer Grace Petrie reminded us on Twitter this week, Walliams is not a nice person: "You've got a comedian who has made obscene amounts of money from stereotyping and degrading gay, trans, disabled, working class folk and then you find out - out of the blue - that he's an absolute bellend. Well, knock me down with a feather"


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    1. Thank you.

      I see a woman has come forward to say that Jimmy Carr, who hosted the event in 2015, entered the women's dressing room and ogled and harassed the girls as they got changed. If so (and it doesn't surprise me, given that I once heard of some very creepy behaviour from Carr towards some young girls on a night out from someone I trust to tell the truth) then he too needs to be punished.

  2. Walliams is pathetic pure and simple