Saturday, 20 January 2018

Out On Blue Six: East 17

This blast from the past from East 17 could be heard in Thursday night's episode of Derry Girls on Channel 4 and it's been stuck in my head over since.

If you haven't been watching Derry Girls, then stop what you're doing and go and watch it. Seriously, step away from my blog immediately and go and download the three episodes that have so far been broadcast on Channel 4. This Northern Irish, 1990s sitcom is without a doubt the funniest thing the channel has aired since Raised By Wolves, which they stupidly axed after two series. I'm still fuming about that, by the way. In fact Derry Girls has a lot in common with Raised By Wolves, and The Inbetweeners

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  1. As ever thanks for the heads up about this series as I would miss everything if not prompted nowadays.

    That E17 song took me right back to the days when I worked in an office with two girls who were big fans. They didn't like their boyfriends to be all nice and squeaky clean so made sense. Think they performed this song at a Brit Awards as well.

  2. Did catch and enjoy Raised By Wolves though - Had already read Caitlin Moran's autobiographical book How To Be A Woman so it all made sense!

  3. Alyson if you enjoyed Raised By Wolves you'll love Derry Girls, it's a very similar style of comedy, to the extent that I think Channel 4 realised their mistake (the Rose d'or award for best sitcom just after they axed it was probably when the penny dropped) and the cry went up for a replacement. But yeah, it's really good and that rare thing; a truly funny straight out of the traps sitcom with loveable characters. Oh and the girl on the far left in that photo of the cast - she's actually 31 year of age in real life!! How To Be A Woman is such a good book - have you read any more of hers? I recommend them all. Her novel How To Build A Girl tells a very similar story too.

    I always rather liked E17. Yeah they looked a bit daft in their dinky hats and baggy pants but there seemed to be some genuine heart in the lyrics (Stay Another Day being a prime example) and some really good production too. Remember the 'battle' between them and Take That? For me it was no contest. Still don't like Take That.

  4. Oh and I should say Derry Girls, Thurs nights 10pm, Channel 4