Thursday, 14 December 2017

Wanker of the Week: David Morris

Wanker of the week this week goes to the Conservative MP for Morecambe and Lunesdale, David Morris

My local news programme Granada Reports has been showing several reports for the past few weeks about child poverty in the area. Doctors are reporting an increase in rickets, working parents say they can't make ends meet, schools reveal that children are coming in of a morning having had no breakfast and in clothes that require washing in the school washing machine. Viewers have donated clothes, food, toys in their droves but Childrens Minister Robert Goodwill (what an ironic name) refuses to come onto the programme to discuss it, even when Granada Reports viewers took to twitter to demand Goodwill appear to defend his position.

Enter David Morris who took the bullet for Goodwill last night and went online and rubbished the reports as false, before appearing on Granada Reports tonight to claim that their reports were 'politically motivated', arguing that they must be false as he's never once been made aware of any poverty issues, and stating that he believes the headmasters and teachers of these schools are members of the Labour party and Momentum out to discredit the Tory government. By doing this, he actually introduced the idea that this was a political gambit and then went on to claim that he had the right to dodge the issue because he wasn't interested in making it a 'political jamboree'!

Thank goodness his insulting comments have been met with the criticism and derision they deserve, both by Granada Reports presenter Lucy Meacock and by those who replied to his tweet - all of whom point out that he deletes comments regarding austerity from his FB page and then blocks that user. He's clearly unrepentant and unwilling to accept that his party's austerity measures (which he has a record of voting unanimously in favour of) are having a detrimental effect on people, anyone who says otherwise is just a left wing propagandist. For the record Mr Morris, I am both a member of the Labour Party and Momentum, but that has nothing to do with it: I think anyone, irrespective of their politics, would be rightly appalled and angry, demanding action, when faced with such extreme examples of poverty and neglect. Shame on you, and all your Tory cronies.

What a wanker.


  1. You sound surprised Mark. This is what to expect from a Conservative government.

    1. Surprised, no. Far from it. I'm angry, Very VERY angry