Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Pulp (1972)

My actual review of this underappreciated quirky gem that reunited Michael Caine with Mike Hodges, the writer/director of Get Carter and its producer Michael Klinger, can be found at The Geek Show. So I'll just fill the space here with the fan letter JG Ballard sent to Hodges about the film:

“Pulp is a special favourite of mine – I must have watched my tape a dozen times, or more – a wonderfully witty script, and the brilliant attention to detail, as in Get Carter – so many superb performances, like the typing pool manager, or Caine himself, Lionel Stander and Al Lettieri. Lizabeth Scott was never better, and of course best of all was the great Mickey Rooney, totally unappreciated by film critics – you drew a fantastic performance out of him, which can’t have been easy – I love the scene of his dressing, moving layers of flattering mirrors past himself – I take my hat off – “A tip – don’t stand too close to him” – a great film.”

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