Thursday, 21 December 2017

Arselick Robinson

Take a look at this nugget of wisdom from your wonderful, impartial bastion of free speech, the BBC

Nick Robinson there still buying the spoonfed line of warm diarrhea that is 'Strong and Stable' and turning yet another scandal for the Tory government into a positive for its weak and ineffectual leader whose days are almost certainly numbered. 

If she truly was as strong as this Goebbels-like act of propaganda implies then she'd have sacked Damian Green's sad arse for having a crafty wank at work and believing he's somehow above the rules and laws that everyone else has to comply with, and for trying to discredit the very officers of said law who were onto him.  

But no, sacking him would mean he'd loss everything: his standard duties, his privileges, and most importantly his big fat pension. So let's just allow him to resign instead, like Priti Patel and Michael Fallon before him. Yeah, really strong move that.

Nick Robinson? More like Arselick Robinson.

Of course, Brexit minister David Davis has backtracked spectacularly on where he stood regarding Green. Having previously threatened to resign if Green went, he's now staying comfortably put, once again proving that he's a born liar*

*other lies you may like from Davis is the claim he made that his grandfather was among the Jarrow marchers at Aldermaston (um, the march didn't go anywhere near Aldermaston) and everything he's ever said about Brexit.

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