Sunday, 5 November 2017

The Last Last Post

Tonight on BBC1 sees the last episode of Peter Moffat's Aden-set drama The Last Post which has been really enjoyable, chiefly for Jessica Raine's balls-to-the-wall performance as the glam tragic lush Alison.

Watching Raine generally behaving in a (permanently tipsy) manner unbecoming of an officer's wife; knocking back the booze, chain smoking and even finding babies boring, is a far cry from her time on that other Sunday night BBC staple Call The Midwife and, much like my Percy Herbert post yesterday, this is a performance that puts me in mind of a stand up routine. Years ago Bill Bailey used to do a bit about how he liked to turn up at parties and get drunk, telling all and sundry that he was in fact "Aled Jones. It's all gone wrong for me". Raine is a step away from going "Yeah I used to be that lovely midwife lady, it's all gone wrong for me. Yeah babies, babies blah blah boring blaaaah" and it's a delight!

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