Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Out On Blue Six: Jim Diamond

Last week on BBC4, the repeats of Top of the Pops had reached the last week in November 1984 when Jim Diamond, the little Scotsman with the big voice, knocked Chaka Khan off the number one spot with his single I Should Have Known Better

The former PhD vocalist's memorable ballad enjoyed just one week at the top of the charts, its brief stay largely down to Diamond himself who - perhaps at the frustration of his record company - spent the week publically requesting fans bought Band Aid's recently recorded charitable venture Do They Know It's Christmas? rather than his own single; "I'm delighted to be at number one, but next week I don't want people to buy my record; I want them to buy Band Aid instead"

It was actually Frankie Goes To Hollywood's The Power of Love that took the following week's number one spot, but Band Aid had their moment taking number one and holding the position for five weeks, becoming the much prized Christmas number one that year. Diamond's hit didn't lose out - it scored the Ivor Novello award that year and the signer's selfless act has been recalled fondly ever since.

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  1. You realise that every time I see a name in your subject header, I automatically wonder if it's an RIP now? Loved this track. Never knew Jim had told people to stop buying it!

    1. Well sadly we did lose Jim Diamond in 2015 :( But yeah, I know what you mean, the last 2 years have made this blog the Obit Blog alas