Monday, 9 October 2017

The Plot, Like His Hair, Thickens

We need to talk about Richard Osman.

I caught a tiny bit of Pointless Celebrities on BBC1 at the weekend and found Osman's hair positively offensive. It's ridiculously long these days - and curiously so - because...

Exhibit A

 Exhibit B

Ahem, all together now...


I never know where I stand with Osman: I used to like Pointless when it started, and I find so many things he has done admirable; including throwing a few digs Jeremy Clarkson's way on Have I Got News For You and apologising for (and refusing to shake the hand of) Kelvin Mackenzie appearing on an ep of Celebrity Pointless. But I found his shtick was becoming increasingly self satisfied, and his appearances on other TV shows started to dominate. He also seems to be labouring under the same misapprehension that did for Jonathan Ross all those years ago, namely the mistaken belief that he is a professional comedian rather than a TV celebrity. Watching him attempt to smugly spar with real comics like Frankie Boyle or Greg Davies on the former's Election Autopsy and the latter's Taskmaster started to get irritating. And this feeling of dislike is exacerbated by that bloody awful flagrant wig or weave!


  1. Am with you on this. Final straw for me was his involvement in election night coverage... why? And then watching him scrabble, live on air, to cover the fact that he thought the tale of Lazarus was a Greek myth...

    1. God yeah I'd forgot he was on Channel 4's election coverage. I'm guessing Charlie Brooker backed out! But yes, why on earth ask a game show guy to appear? Lazarus as a Greek myth - I bet that knocked his brainbox credentials! Clearly this is a man who needs to learn his limitations.

  2. I'm sure he's a very nice man and all that but, and this is really horrible of me, I just don't like his mouth. And it sort of screams halitosis.
    See: horrible of me.

    1. Hahaha! God no, you're so right! There's a definite vibe of coffee breath to him, I don't see anything horrible about getting that idea...but then I also think that the actor Liev Schreiber looks like he smells of spam a'la Lee and Herring's The Girl Who Smelled Of Spam sketch