Monday, 16 October 2017

RIP Sean Hughes

When someone dies it's become something of a cliche to say that the news of their passing came as a shock. As a word or phrase to sum up your reaction it may mean well, it may even be true to a degree, but it can be in danger of becoming meaningless. The death of Sean Hughes today however, aged just 51, truly is a shock. It is, as Richard Herring said on Twitter, 'a punch to the soul'. This was a talent and a man taken from us way too soon.

"Everyone grows out of their Morrissey phase...except Morrissey"

And Hughes had a lot of soul, he was an effortless-seeming comedian, poetic and charming in that way only true Irishmen can be, with an act that was mischievously-meta, glorious silly, deeply  intelligent and above all very funny. He was the youngest winner of Edinburgh's prestigious Perrier award and among the first of that eclectic and exciting new comedic talent to strike out on TV in the early 90s with his own show entitled, appropriately enough, Sean's Show. Later on in the decade he was part of the original line-up of BBC2's Never Mind The Buzzcocks before branching out acting with a regular role alongside Peter Davison in the ITV mystery drama The Last Detective, a recurring role on Coronation Street and performances in the West End with As You Like It and The Railway Children.

Hughes had tweeted to fans earlier this month that he was in hospital receiving treatment for cirrhosis of the liver. It was announced on twitter by his former management that he died this morning.



  1. I really need to visit your blog more often as I always enjoy your posts. Not really the word I should use here though - Like you I was truly shocked to hear of the death of Sean Hughes. Always enjoyed his comedy and he had the good fortune to look comical as well (I mean that in a nice way). RIP Sean.

    1. It's such a tragic loss, and I know what you mean he was a natural comedian with that suitably Celtic romantic yet shambolic look that so suited his material. And thank you, that's very kind of you to say