Thursday, 13 July 2017

Out On Blue Six: The Style Council

I've been having fun flashback watching 1984 repeats of Top of the Popson BBC4 these past couple of weeks, as they've been showing The Style Council's wonderful cycling based video for their hit My Ever Changing Moods

Who would have thought that that video (discussed so beautifully and amusingly by this blogger) would become something of a rarity on the net thanks to Vevo being a dick and blocking it in the UK? If only I'd knew that back in the late '90s when I would routinely record onto VHS videos that took my fancy on VH1. I had a load of Style Council vids - along with many other '80s vids - interspersed with channel presenters such as Julia 'Jules' Carling (phwoar!) Richard Allinson, Bob Mills and King (yes, of Love & Pride fame). As it stands, if you're looking for the track on YouTube here in the UK at least all you'll see are 'live' performances on TOTP and Saturday Superstore or straight uploads of the track such as this one...

However, you can see the video in all its glory on Vimeo 

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