Monday, 5 June 2017

Vote Labour to Help our Police Do Their Job

When PC Paul Taylor was captured on camera linking arms with young fans and dancing, it was the most heartwarming moment of last night's One Love Manchester

It reminded us that these officers protect us from harm and comfort us through the bad and the good. But they can only do that if they are given the budget to do so. There are calls today for Theresa May to resign because she has made our country vulnerable and because, when told she was putting our country in danger from terrorism by the police, she dismissed such concerns as 'scaremongering. Theresa May needs to learn that cuts have consequences, and she must pay the price for having blood on her hands. Three are plenty of petitions calling for her resignation, including this one which I ask you to sign. But there's one other thing you can do that will certainly take May from office - and that is to vote Labour on Thursday. Only Labour will keep our country safe and give the police the tools to do the job.

And while we are at it, let's give Ariana Grande the keys to Manchester for her achievement last night.


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    1. Thanks Swede.

      The only effective way to get May out of office is to VOTE LABOUR on Thursday. So I'm asking everyone, please vote Labour and if you've an elderly relative, try and discuss the election and the repercussions of Tory austerity polices with them to get them to do the same.

      This is our chance to make a difference. To make things better. Don't throw it away.

  2. Nice try, but if you think May is going to retire before the election ... ! Nobody I know wants to see Diane Abbott as Home Secretary or McDonnell as Chancellor or indeed Corbyn dithering over what to do re security. May may have cut the police force. but we will be seeing lots more of them now ....
    The Manchester concert was mainly excruciating, but praise to Grande for coming back. Coldplay were the stars, but perhaps pop stars were worried that people would not go to concerts any more and wanted to boost their careers - Will.I.Am fuck off !

    1. I don't think she will no, that's why I said that the only effective way to get her out is to vote Labour on Thursday. But, as a left leaning, Tory hating blog I have a duty to put the spotlight on fellow comrades efforts, and that's why I put that petition out there. Anything to chip away at their paper tiger armour.

      That's sad that you don't have faith in Labour. I don't think Corbyn would dither at all over security; he has a very precise, practical plan that starts with cutting the supply chain.Theresa May knows the damage the links to Saudi create and yet she still has the hypocrisy to pretend she doesn't and to bang on about protecting us. 'We will be seeing lots of them now...' Case of the stable door and the horse don't you think? If she hadn't slashed the police as much as she did and refused to listen to their concerns then maybe we wouldn't be so vulnerable in the first place. I for one definitely want to see McDonnell as chancellor, because the Tory practice of austerity for all but them and their elite friends DOES NOT WORK. McDonnell brought in a manifesto that was not just promising and inspiring, it was also fully costed...something the Tories couldn't even be arsed doing. I know who I'd trust with the economy and it ain't a true blue Tory twat that's for sure.