Monday, 5 June 2017

Theresa May and the Alleged Saudi Funding of UK Terrorist Cells

It's bad enough that Theresa May is so hypocritical that she is spouting crap about getting tougher on the question of extremism - as if she wasn't in a position to do this these past SEVEN YEARS as Home Sec and now PM.

It's bad enough that at the weekend, at a time when electioneering was supposed to be called off as a mark of respect, Boris Johnson tweeted that 'Corbyn will never protect us from our enemies' - again, we've had two terrorist attacks in a fortnight, and one in March; all under the Conservative government's watch. That's the same Tory government that slashed police budgets, made several thousand officers redundant and dismissed senior police chiefs concerns of vulnerability in the face of potential terrorist attacks as 'scaremongering' 

It's bad enough that the supposedly impartial BBC and their political editor Laura Kuenssberg deliberately misinterpreted Jeremy Corbyn's stance on Shoot to Kill in a report after the Paris attacks in an attempt to make him appear weak on security and terrorism.

It's bad enough that the media are continuing with the appalling state sponsored black propaganda against Corbyn regarding his peace seeking activities in Northern Ireland - activities that won him the Gandhi Foundation's Peace Award in 2013.

But what's really bad, what needs pushing the most right now is just what does Theresa May know about the Saudi Arabia's links with the terrorism we're currently witnessing on these shores.

Because right now there's a report the government are sitting on that explains just what they know, but they refuse to release it deeming its contents as 'sensitive'

Yes, it would be very sensitive right now just days before a General Election and just days after the second terrorist attack in as many weeks.

They don't want us to know because it will damage their reputation, their election campaign and their chance at staying in government.

You can read more about this despicable Tory-skin saving cover up here at the independent news blog AAV and at the Guardian, the Independent and Newsweek.

You can read the Foreign Affairs Select Committee report  that states Britain are supplying Saudi with arms to commit war crimes in the Yemen. And feel your spine chill at Boris Johnson's claim that 'if we don't, someone else will' - as if that justifies such mercenary acts?!

Saudi Arabia fund terrorism. How can Theresa May justify the arms trade with them?

Why was Manchester's attacker Salman Abedi allowed to enter the UK despite the US warning he planned an attack and his time spent in Libya and Syria? John Pilger asks what did Theresa May actually know of Abedi?

Why are supposedly impartial news outlets such as the BBC refusing to address this story? Why are daily newspapers not pushing this to the front page? 

Philip May, Theresa'a hubby, was wheeled out for that natural hotbed of political discourse, The One Show, recently in a bid to appear domestic and human. But what does his work at the Capital Group and his links through his role there with princes Adel al-Jubeir and Muhammed bin Nayef tell us? Especially given that these two people are alleged to fund ISIS in the report. Is it any wonder the Tories are sitting on this?

Don't believe the lies of Theresa May and her cronies. They have not kept us safe. They will not keep us safe. Their only interest is in monetary gain, not people. 

Vote Labour this Thursday. This is our chance, don't squander it.

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