Saturday, 17 June 2017

That Was The Week That Was

I'm back from my week's holiday in the Dales. Whilst the holiday itself was lovely, it was a week that brought a lot of sadness.

We lost the great Adam West, a man who was known worldwide for his performance as Batman in the legendary1960s TV series that featured the pop art style adventures of Gotham's caped crusader. Most recently West lent his voice to several seasons of Seth McFarlane's Family Guy, playing himself; the mayor of Quahog. He was 88.

We lost Anita Pallenberg, the original It Girl; a rock chick so hot she secured not one, not two, but three Stones in her time - Brian, Keith and (it is said) a brief dalliance wit Mick on the set of Performance. She was 73.

And most harrowing of all, we lost so many in one of the biggest tragedies to rock this country; the Grenfell Tower fire. As I type, the authorities have announced that 58 people are missing, presumed dead. That's on top of the 16 bodies already recovered. After the shock and the heartbreak, anger is mounting and who can blame people for getting angry? Once again the cost cutting measures of national and local government has come under scrutiny in the wake of needless death and disaster. Whoever signed off an order for cheap cladding that is banned in several countries, whoever elected not to pay £5,000 more for fire resistant material, and whoever refused to take up the recommendations for sprinklers in all tower blocks by 2013, need to be hedl to account in a court of law. The only light at the end of this tunnel is that this looks set to oust an increasingly hopeless and weak Theresa May from office. 

RIP to them all.

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