Saturday, 17 June 2017

Grenfell: Fake News and Poor Media

Firstly, I just want to share something that was posted on the AAV blog. It's a tweet from Breitbart London's Chief Editor, Raheem Kassam, and it's been brilliantly dissected and shown up for the lie it is

Don't believe the lies, don't trust what you hear. Look to the truth. This is important, because if you look at some news outlets such as The Guardian today you will see that up to a thousand people turned up at Downing Street today (along with several others across the country) to protest over the lack of help and aid and the sheer disregard for life at the hands of both local and national government. However, if you caught the BBC News half hour ago, you wouldn't know of this, because they decided it wasn't important enough to report to the nation. 

Why? For Christ's sake, we cannot deny the justifiable anger these people are feeling. It's not listening to these people that created this tragedy in the first place. Don't make the same mistake again. Their voices deserve to be heard! People are already believing a major cover up is in operation behind closed doors in an attempt to duck the blame, do you really think ignoring their pain will help to stop this suspicion?

Thankfully ITV News did report on the protest at Downing Street, presumably because they're not intent on licking Theresa May and the Tories arses all the time.

And it ought to go without saying, but please don't buy The S*n. One of their 'journalists' pretended to be the friend of one victim receiving treatment at King's College Hospital in an attempt to secure an interview. The hospital have submitted a complaint to press standards. If you read The S*n then you are actively condoning this kind of shitty, disgusting behaviour and allowing Murdoch to continue. 

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