Friday, 19 May 2017

Tonight's Tele Tip: Count Arthur Strong

Back at last!


  1. He's like Marmite. You either hate him, or you really hate him.

    1. Too cruel John, but it did make me laugh. And Count Arthur Strong makes me laugh, it's a bit cringey at times yeah, but I do find him funny. Good old fashioned fun

    2. I can't believe he came from the pen of Graham Linehan. When it was on Radio 4 I tried; I really tried - thinking I'd *get* whatever it was that everybody else was getting. But it never happened.

    3. To be fair Linehan only got on board for the TV version. I believe Jeff Beck is a big fan. Mark Radcliffe spotted someone in the front row of one of the Count's gigs; 'you look like Jeff Beck' he said. 'That's 'cos I am' came the reply!