Thursday, 25 May 2017

The Tories Can't Keep Us Safe From Terrorism: The Warning from Manchester Police to Theresa May

Damien O'Rielly, an award winning Community Police Support Officer, has appealed to Theresa May to reverse cuts to local policing that has left our streets vulnerable to attack, saying "there's no proactive policing" in Manchester, only "reactive"

We currently have soldiers on our streets because there simply aren't enough police officers available in the wake of the Manchester attack this week. Intelligence to the force has dried up as a result of cuts to local policing. This is the stark and painful truth of the Tory party's austerity measures. And yet, during her time as Home Secretary, Theresa May accused senior police chiefs of 'scaremongering' when they warned her that cuts would see a rise in crime and terrorism.

We need to send a clear message to Theresa May and the government that we will not stand by and let people die as a result of their foolish policies. Jeremy Corbyn has always pledged to reinstate an effective police budget and recruit more police officers to the force as well as end the trade links to Saudi and Qatar which ISIS benefit from and turn against us. Labour's fully costed Manifesto shows that an anti-austerity budget is possible. Things needn't be like this.

Please, spread the word. Vote Labour on June 8th for a safer UK.

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  1. A sobering chart exploring those cuts can be found here