Monday, 1 May 2017

The Theresa May Children's Party: How to Stage Manage an Election Campaign and Evade the Public

We all know that Theresa May is stage managing her appearances on the campaign trail. She has after all refused to take part in a TV debate with Jeremy Corbyn and the rest of her opponents, and she started as she meant to go on, with her first appearance at a golf course in Bolton. Flying in via helicopter, she was greeted by 55 Tory councillors who had been shipped in from other areas to make her look popular.

But events at the weekend have become even more blatant and even more disturbing as you'll see at the following links;

Here, Craig Murray discusses the less than enthusiastic congregation around the PM, with body language that suggests a captive audience.

Whilst in The Independent, it has been revealed that Theresa May booked the hall for the above as a 'Child's Party' between the hours of 10am and 5pm without prior notice and thereby ensuring real voters with real concerns were not in the audience.

A Child's Party? Well, she does have the clown costume

Theresa May keeps banging on about her government being 'strong and stable' but these are just buzzwords that have no basis in fact or truth when you consider their track record in the last seven years. What we are seeing here in her contemptuous, evasive and deceitful actions is a cheating, cowardly government who bought the last election via fraud and are continuing as they mean to go on.

Why is Theresa May stage managing her appearances on the campaign trail, performing to lackeys and hostages in village halls? Because she could never hope to attract the kind of support Jeremy Corbyn gets at his rallies. Just look at this picture from Liverpool last year. I'm proud to say I was amongst that sea of supporters.

Jeremy Corbyn doesn't hide away from reality. Jeremy Corbyn has nothing to hide from meeting real people, be they supporters, opposers or floating voters. Under Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party is the real solution for our country.

Vote Labour.

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