Tuesday, 23 May 2017

RIP Roger Moore

And if today wasn't sombre and saddening enough, Roger Moore has passed away at the age of 89. He was an absolute hero of mine and will be much missed.



  1. Saint, Persuader, Bond. Farewell Roger.

  2. It was the Persuader, Lord Brett Sinclair, that was my favourite. I do believe his Bond is terribly underrated though and unfairly maligned. The franchise was becoming bigger and dafter with each instalment by the time Moore came along, how else to play it other than tongue-in-cheek? We saw how performing the same kind of fare any other way failed with the dismal, smug Pierce Brosnan. Moore was the perfect Bond for the time, and I still maintain that The Spy Who Loved Me ranks as one of the very best Bond films, whilst For Your Eyes Only showed he could play the more low key, realistic action as straight as Connery or Dalton.

  3. As if today wasn't bad enough, this is sad news indeed. Funnily enough it was his Lord Brett Sinclair character for my other half as well - As a teenager, he wanted to be a Persuader and back in the days before internet and digital media we managed to source a few VHS tapes so that he could do a bit of reminiscing.

    RIP Roger - A good life, well lived.