Thursday, 30 March 2017

You CANNESnot Improve On Perfection

Cannes has rightly come under fire for their official poster artwork for the annual Film Festival next month. The image they use is an archive photograph of the legendary and beautiful actress Claudia Cardinale. Can you see what they've done?

That's right - they've airbrushed Cardinale's thighs and legs to make them appear thinner as well as bringing in her waist to be more in keeping with what is ludicrously considered attractive today.

Don't they know its impossible to improve upon perfection? This is like trying to photoshop the Mona Lisa.

The silly CANNEsts


  1. I saw this on the news today and just couldn't help but wonder why they felt that was necessary. She was clearly already gorgeous and perfectly formed. What a waste of energy.

    1. Exactly. A complete waste and really offensive

  2. Wow, when even goddess Claudia Cardinale is victim to the airbrush what hope is there for us mere mortals.