Monday, 6 March 2017

Through The Wall - Laavor et hakir/The Wedding Plan (2016)

"I have a hall. I have a dress. The apartment is almost ready. It’s a small task for God to find me a groom by the end of Hanukkah"

So says Michal, the kooky heroine of writer/director Rama Burshtein’s Through the Wall, an orthodox romcom about one young woman’s determination to find the love of her life.

With a month to go before her wedding, thirty-two year old mobile petting zoo owner Michal suddenly finds herself  deserted by her fiancé, following a  dramatic case of extremely cold feet and the sobering realisation that he does not really love her.

Despite her abiding Hasidic faith, Michal initially feels utterly lost by this unexpected turn of events. Coming slowly to,  she realises she is fed up with the traditional matchmaking route that has so far consistently let her down, and instead settles on a bold course of action to finally ensure the start of her proper adult life and the happy ever after she has always dreamt of:  she sets herself – and God – a deadline; to find herself the love of her life for the date her wedding has been set at.

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