Thursday, 16 March 2017

The Biased Broadcasting Corporation

Only Channel 4 followed the money to reveal the staggering Tory election fraud that secured their win in 2015 and has finally been acknowledged today. The BBC never mentioned it at all. When they finally had to acknowledge its existence today, the BBC's increasingly biased political editor Laura Kuenssberg tweeted this...

So according to our supposedly independent, impartial and prized public service broadcaster, this was not fraud then, it was just a mistake. Every other broadcaster has correctly called it as fraud, so why not the BBC?

As one tweeter responded to Kuenssberg, the only mistake here was in the Tories getting caught!

Is it any wonder that this week SNP's Alex Salmond raised a point of order in the House asking for emergency measures to bring Laura Kuenssberg into the Tory cabinet?!

Given her terribly biased track record, and her role as a laughing stock in parliament, that this woman is still in work at the beeb is beyond me. But then to criticise Kuenssberg is to be charged as a misogynist by those who employ and protect her and who will never concede that they are terrified of upsetting the Tory government who can rip their charter up whenever they feel like it.

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