Friday, 17 March 2017

Pick a Job, George!

Tory MP, Investment advisor at Blackrock, after dinner speaker and now a newspaper editor too?

Four jobs is too much, and a conflict of interest is out of order. If you agree that George 'Pencils' Osborne should step down as MP for Tatton then please sign this petition. It's ridiculous to think this man has been banging on for ages about the White Elephant that is the 'Northern Powerhouse', taking power from London and giving Northerners a voice, and yet today says he's speaking for Londoners! And it's just sickening to consider how much money he's raking in from all these roles.

Do the decent thing, Gideon.


  1. I am speechless- the sheer gall of this man is unbelieveabe. I have heard of workaholics - but - editing the paper in the morning, then MP in the afternoon and his other jobs and consultancies - really? At least my other bete noir Jeremy Hunt just tinkers with the NHS. But the "Evening Standard" is not a provincial newspaper, but London's main and now free newspaper, I have been reading it since the 60s, but don't imagine I will be again. Then again there is all that conflict of interest, after Mrs May brutally sacking him, now he has a newspaper to hit back ...

  2. Also how could someone who is not a journalist or worked on a paper before imagine he can just waltz in and be editor, for a few hours a day. What a slap in the face for all the dedicated journalists there, there should be some interesting developments ... The Standard, when even free now, is still an influential paper about London concerns, politics, transport, with great reviews and comments.

    1. Jobs for the boys isn't it? Amazing what plum job you can get with zero experience with just the right school tie! Rightly, many journalists are up in arms about it so here's hoping they keep pushing until he eventually steps down as an MP at the very least.