Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Fighting Back: Mental Health and PIP Petition

Theresa May's government is changing the rules to ensure that people with mental health problems will no longer be eligible for essential financial support such as PIP (Personal Independence Payment)

You may remember that cunt George Freeman who outlined this plan by stating that PIP should only be available for the 'really disabled' and not people 'taking pills at home, who suffer from anxiety' 

It's worth noting that PIP assessors routinely ask claimants 'why haven't you killed yourself yet?'  - The Tories clearly would prefer it if anyone with depression and anxiety did just that; saving them money in the process. But for now, they're happy to just put a halt to claims based on mental health and they are hoping to pass this cut through without a vote next week, but plans are afoot to secure a vote in the Commons by special parliamentary process and it's relying on a public outcry to be done. So please sign this petition and let's get our voices heard!

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