Monday, 2 January 2017

Wanted: The Belles - 1995 TV Documentary on Doncaster Belles

It's not often I launch appeals on the blog, but tomorrow (3rd January, 2017) is the 22nd year anniversary of the broadcast of a documentary I would love to get my hands on entitled The Belles.

The Belles is about women's football team the Doncaster Belles and their triumphant FA Cup winning season in 1994. This BBC1 documentary would later form the basis of Pete Davies' excellent book I Lost My Heart To The Belles, which I've read and greatly enjoyed.

So I'm asking if anyone out there has a copy for me or a link as to where I may be able to watch it online? I'm sure there are some Donny fans out there, so please get in touch with me either in the comment box here or at

More information on the documentary itself can be found here at the Genome site and here at The Sport Spectacle

All help greatly appreciated!

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