Sunday, 29 January 2017

Out On Blue Six: Joe Jackson

Steppin' Out seems to be all around again at the moment. Not just because it currently features regularly on the BBC4 repeats of 1983 Top of The Pops - where the likes of John Peel and David 'Kid' Jensen inform us how acclaimed and award winning the video is - but also because it's currently being used on adverts for P+O Ferries too.

That award winning, acclaimed video was directed by Steve Barron and filmed in one night at the St Regis Hotel, New York City in the summer of 1982. It shows a hotel maid adopting a Cinderella style role and dreaming of the high life whilst the real high-living guests of the room she's tending to are out on the town. 

The song was inspired by Jackson's time in New York and the excitement and anticipation of a night out driving around the city. It scored well in the States - proving to be his biggest hit there - as well as his native UK. And quite right too; it's a beautiful track.

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