Tuesday, 31 January 2017

My Choice For The Next Doctor Who - Joe Gilgun

As gutting though it was to hear Peter Capaldi will be leaving Doctor Who at Christmas (especially as it would have been good to see him perform in another show runner's vision for the show, as opposed to Steven Moffat's vision, which has been increasingly pants) it does of course offer up that exciting period of guessing who will be the next Doctor.

My own choice would be This is England, Pride and Misfits star Joe Gilgun

He'd be perfect! But he'd have to keep his Chorley accent because, as Christopher Eccleston proved, 'lots of plants have a north' It's time for a northern Doctor once more, and Gilgun is such a good physical actor he'd be a natural fit for the role. Plus, look at this photo from Ripper Street where he's ramped up a Doctory kind of look to the max!

I can't take the credit for coming up with this contender though; Iain Stott on Letterboxd has been floating it for some time now and he's a wise man that Iain. So listen up BBC, and give Gilgun the gig!

Failing that; Mark Williams (Father Brown and formerly Rory's dad in Doctor Who) Ian Hart, Paterson Joseph or Phil Daniels. For my reasoning, see the list I made over on Letterboxd

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